Sunday, August 21, 2011

Breakdown: Week 11 wasn't exactly heaven...but it wasn't bad, either!

So here I am. Week 11. 

Monday: Recovery day. Bored.

Tuesday: No weight session. Bored.

Wednesday: First run of the week. 5 miles at 11:18 pace. Pretty smoking! I was making an effort to run faster, so the end was pretty tough. I had to walk a little extra, but I was very happy with the result. Pace runs are a new thing to me, so I'm figuring it all out.

Thursday: Weight/Nutrition session with my trainer. We worked arms, back, & shoulders. We also talked a lot about my nutrition; it's a challenge to eat enough to run without overeating. I finally understand how some people don't lose weight when running a marathon. Again, it's a learning process... & it's working! I'm very close to my August goal.

Friday: I decided to take the day off work, so I was able to sleep in. I headed out for my run at 0630, about an hour after my usual weekday time. Wow, what a difference! The minute I stepped out the door, I knew the run was going to be difficult. It was wicked humid. I got in 5 miles at a pace of 11:25. Not bad considering how icky it was outside. Also, I walked less... also a positive development. I wonder how this run would've been if I'd started at 0530...

Saturday: Rest day in preparation for the long run. I spent the day strictly adhering to my eating plan, cleaning the kitchen, & cutting up all the fresh veggies I'd purchased for the week. I packed my gym bag, made sure to set out all my running clothes, packed the Camelbak full of nutrition, refrigerated some Gatorade G2, then got really nervous. And had trouble sleeping. And tried to relax...

Sunday: LSD (long slow distance). 14 miles. And my stupid Morton's Neuroma was hurting from the moment I woke up... I made a running date with my friend Paola, which was a new experience for me. I knew I couldn't do my usual loop; too many loops would make me lose my mind! So I linked up with Paola, who has been trying to log more miles in preparation for her next marathon in October (Marine Corps Marathon FTW). I stopped off to buy a cooler & ice for the secret Gatorade G2 & banana stash I had in the car. And ice for my Camelbak. While trying to get the ice to break up, I broke a nail. Not an auspicious beginning to the run. I forgot my camera, another big disappointment because I'd planned to take a lot of pictures.

We set out & my foot was screaming at me. I was running way faster than was reasonable for me. At some point, I think I went numb... then right back to pain. 

LSD Results; way too fast at the beginning
I missed the water refill area, lost a piece of my Camelbak, found the piece on the double-back to the water refill, & tried Gu for the first time (it was odd). And yes, I ran 14 miles. In just under 3 hours.
Remembered to grab a shot of the Garmin; see the pretty cooler in the back?
So there is is... Week 11. I spend Saturday night panicking about the LSD. I did the LSD, even thru all the foot pain. I fueled properly, took my nutrition the right way, & lived to tell the tale. On to Week 12!

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