Friday, August 19, 2011

Negative Nancy & the Moment of Doubt

*one bright spot: doesn't this sound like a Harry Potter book title? Woot!*

Trying to run a marathon is no easy feat. I've always known that. But right now, in Week 11, I'm having a total mental breakdown over my ability to be able to pull this off. Everything I read, everyone I talk to, makes me feel like there's no way I can do this!

  1. "You have to run 'this' many miles a week in order run a marathon."
  2. "You need to eat 'this' kind of food or else you won't be able to run a marathon."
  3. "You have to run 'thisexactstyle' in order to run a marathon."
  4. "You're not running properly if you're heel-striking/don't heel strike."
  5. "If you're not clocking at least a 10:00 pace, then you're not really running the marathon."
  6. "If you're getting blisters, then you're running wrong."
  7. "If you're getting blisters/sore muscles after the LSD, then you're wearing the wrong shoes."
  8. "What program are you using? Well, that's not the right program! You have to use this program or else you'll hurt yourself!"
  9. "Running is bad for you & our bodies weren't designed for that type of abuse."
  10. ...& my all-time favorite way for others to spread negativity: "You're wasting your time, trust ME. I've done a marathon & it wasn't worth it at all."
When I started the C25k program (March 2010), I ran solely in Vibrams, so I've never been a "heel striker." I don't know that I've logged 30+ miles in a week... ever. I've reduced my caloric intake & focused on proteins, not carbo-loading, for weight loss. I got a blister after my 12 mile run in sweat-soggy socks & shoes. I even chafed on that same run. My legs are achy when I'm done, even though they recover by the next day (thanks to rest, ice baths, & Motrin). I need naps to recover from long runs. I do my long runs using the 10/1 Run/Walk method, trying to keep a 12:00 pace.

So here's my rant: why does everyone think they know better than I do? I am not a marathon expert by any means. My history with injury proves that point. But I think I know my body. I know what I can handle... or at least I did, right up until this moment. I usually under-sell myself in that regard & don't push myself hard enough. Why can't I just run, do my training, & see what I'm really capable of?

Right now, I've got all of this negative stuff floating around my head & it's dragging me down. I've got 14 miles on Sunday & I'm genuinely thinking, "I've been training wrong this entire time & there's no way I can do this." How in the world am I supposed to run 14 miles? That's insane! And now, all the Negative Nancys have turned me into a crazy person.

Question of the day: how do you deal with the Negative Nancys in your life?

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  1. I've only had one so far - my mother, and I got used to tuning her out a long time ago. Even at the paltry amount I now run, she told me yesterday she thinks all that running is raising my blood pressure (and gave me a 2-day headache that I'm attributing to fall allergies).

    I'm sure I'll find a few more as the running continues.