Sunday, September 4, 2011

Be Responsible with Yourself

A friend called on Friday evening. When I told her about my "accident," she wisely told me I should take it easy... that time off now means being able to complete the ultimate goal of the marathon in October.  

She was & still is 100% correct. I've spent my long weekend almost entirely in pajamas on the couch watching Lord of the Rings (those extended versions can kill a lot of time!). I varied between compression, elevation, & rolling it out. I thought it was working pretty well.

Mr. X & I went to our favorite vineyard Saturday evening, which required me to ditch the PJs. I thought it would be good to walk a bit & assess how I felt. Answer? Still not okay, but not nearly as bad as it was. But the calf still needs some rest time, so Sunday will be exactly that.

The current plan-of-attack is to start logging miles Monday. Just a bit to see how I'm doing & assess the situation. Hopefully, I'll be great & be back in my usual routine this week for the 16 mile run on Sunday... since it was supposed to be a lower-mileage run, I decided to put the LSD there so I don't miss it. 

It feels like a good plan... like I'm not missing anything & still being responsible with my body. I haven't exactly been responsible with my diet; not totally bad, but not totally good, either. Sunday is back-on-the-wagon day for me. Back to being responsible.

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