Monday, September 5, 2011

Breakdown: Week 13 was unlucky!

Semi-disaster strikes...

Monday: Day off. Bored.

Tuesday: Popped off 1.5 miles as a t-mill warm up before my weight session with my trainer. We worked legs & it felt awesome.

Wednesday: 5 mile run @ 11:17 pace. It was my first "real" run in a week. And it was my first run in my new Newton Lady Isaacs. I gotta say, I lovelovelove the new Lady Isaacs. The pink is fabulous!

See the new shoes?! Awesomely pink!
The only issue is the pink rubbed off when my socks got sweaty. But it was a great run. Putting on the new shoes made me realize how worn out my old Newtons really are... it's no small wonder my feet hurt so badly. 

Thursday: At this point, everything was smooth sailing. I was loving life, loving the new shoes, & right back on schedule... & gearing up for the 16 mile run in 3 days.

Then the accident. Either the cleaning lady used too much soap or someone sprayed something that made the floor really slick, but I slipped in the bathroom. I don't want to rehash the entire thing, but you can read about it here. My evening weight session was greatly reduced; I couldn't really stand properly & handle weight.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday: Rest, Ice, Compression, & Elevation (RICE). And a bit of depression & self pity. I always knew injury was a possibility. It happens. But I never expected it to be this way... something I had no control over that was a direct result of someone else's actions. And so I sank... the couch was a boring & miserable place to be all weekend. I watched all of the extended director's cuts of The Lord of the Rings. I even watched the majority of the special features/documentaries about the making of the films. I also watched a documentary on iTunes called The Elephant in the Living Room, all about the exotic animal trade in the United States & how people actually keep lions/tigers/bears at pets! It was a seriously depressing weekend for me. 

Looking into the future, I know I made the right decision to rest the entire weekend. But I'm the kind of person who feels like a failure when I can't stick to my plan. It's difficult to be used to activity, then have this type of thing happen. I'm going to come back slowly & hopefully be able to run the 16-miler this coming Sunday, only a week off my schedule. We'll have to see how it goes...

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