Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rough Wednesday

Wow... normally my Wednesdays are pretty easy. As my first "real run" day of the week (i.e. not on a t-mill), I get up at 0500, run 5 miles, go to work, get hopped up on Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla coffee (thanks for putting that in grocery stores, btw), then come home & relax.

Yesterday was not that kind of Wednesday.

For 2 days, I'd been working on an average of 4 hours a sleep a night. Not for any reason, I just had trouble falling asleep. I am convinced the most frustrating thing in the world is lying in bed hoping to fall asleep. My Tuesday weight training session? 4 hours of sleep. My Wednesday 5 mile base run? 4 hours of sleep. 

The problem really started when I got home on Wednesday. Our lawn needed to be mowed. BADLY. It was about to be designated protected forest area if it didn't get mowed. Little dog had to "bound" thru the grass just to get to the potty spot. It was bad. As the lawn-mower of the family, I knew it had to get done before the expected weekend rain. So I got home from work in a tired stupor, changed clothes, & mowed the lawn.

For those of you who don't know, mowing my lawn is the equivalent of walking a mile. I know this because I measured it one day when I got my Garmin 405. An entire mile. In 90 degree heat. After 4 hours of sleep & a 5 mile run. Exhausted does not adequately describe how I felt last night.

So what did I do? Rented "Paul" on iTunes, convinced Mr. X to pick up pizza, & relaxed on the couch. I could barely move off the couch anyway... that's how sore my legs were last night. It was pretty amazing, actually.

The most important part of the evening: going to be bed at 2200 (10 PM) & falling to sleep almost immediately. It was lovely happy ending to 2 rough days. Well rested = happy Bonnie. :D

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