Monday, March 5, 2012

Breakdown: Week 3 Half Marathon Training

Since I brought back the weight challenge, figured I'd bring back the Weekly Breakdown. It's Week 3 of my half marathon training cycle, which seems like a good place to start since it coincides with the beginning of March Madness.

Monday: bona fide rest day. My left calf was super tight, to the point of actual pain. I was glad for the rest day & definitely earned it after my perfect week.

Tuesday: 3 miles on the treadmill & an hour weight session with my trainer. We did upper body drop sets & it was great... also got to spend time in my brand new Brooks PureConnect shoes. They're really light & squishy-comfy, but a bit snug around the the foot. I tried them on the treadmill, though; that's usually where I start with new shoes. They were okay.

Wednesday: Leap Year! I ran 4 miles to celebrate leap year...& because it was on the training schedule. It was kismet. Also amazing: sore from the drop sets but my legs felt great. And yet, I made a critical mistake. I had new compression socks (& the new Brooks PureConnect shoes) & decided to wear them during the run. Started feeling pain about half a mile into the run. I knew if I stopped, I wouldn't restart. So I pushed thru the pain, kept thinking the word "Strength" in my head, & stuck it out. I was proud of myself afterwards.

Thursday: March Madness! Woke up feeling great. My trainer had to cancel, so I thought I'd come home & hit up 3 miles. But then, I thought about how painful my previous run was & decided to "play hooky" from exercise. Called up Mr. X & made a date night out of it. A lot of sushi & a half liter of wine later, it was a nice evening. No guilt, either.  Family time is just as necessary as running time.

Friday: I knew I'd missed 3 miles, so my regularly-scheduled rest day became a make-up day. I had a horrible night of sleep, so the rest of the day was a challenge to stay out of TF Zone 1. I wore my brand new Saucony Kinvara 2s to work to help break them in... & yes, I bought 2 pairs of new shoes, not just one. The Sauconys are a weird fit for me; the arch on my right foot didn't feel right, so I thought wearing them all day would help me figure out if I liked them enough to keep them. As the day wore on, I realized the sneakers were breaking in & decided to wear them for my quick 3 miles on the treadmill when I got home. I thought about going outside for it, but I wanted to continue to rest my legs for my long run on Saturday. Seriously... it's only 3 miles. In new shoes. Again.

So after work, I mounted my treadmill. A few steps into the run, I realized I had a problem: my running skirt would not stay up. It kept falling down my butt. Mr. X had to bring me a hair tie for me to use 80s style just to keep it up. What was weird is the groove I got into while I was running after the skirt was secured. I managed to get an uber-easy treadmill PR: 5k in 30 minutes. And I felt fabulous after the fact. I was impressed with the Saucony Kinvara 2s; for shoes I thought I'd immediately return, they really held up & felt great while I was running. Which made Saturday that much stranger...

Saturday: Supposed to complete my long run outside (planning for the weather). I went out for groceries at 9 AM. As I was walking around, I noticed some real discomfort in my right IT band... the same one I injured in the DNF'd marathon. This was not a TF Zone 3 problem. This was real discomfort. By the time I got home, I had a sinus/migraine headache & my leg was not okay. It was uncomfortable to go up/down stairs, so I decided to call it for the day. I ended up spending the day binge eating & sleeping on the couch while re-watching Season 1 of Downton Abbey. Pathetic, I know, especially after a smokingly-awesome treadmill PR the day before. Shame spiral.

Sunday: All I wanted was to wake up feeling normal. But I didn't. My IT band was still painful. I spent the day sleeping on the couch, on & off for the entire day. I engaged in more horrific binge eating, which made my IBS flare up in an incredibly painful way... which I totally deserved for eating that way to begin with. Then I slept some more. I went to bed at 9:30 PM & slept right to my alarm Monday morning.

Not exactly the best start to March Madness. Not even an especially great week of training, either. But it's over & I'm ready to start fresh. Obviously, something was going on with my body & it just wanted to sleep. So I'm going to let it go, hope missing those 6 miles won't completely kill my training, & start fresh this week. And what am I starting with? Getting my nails done & rolling out my muscles. Let's hear it for a fresh start!

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